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Tired of McCain and Obama? Fed up with Sarah Palin's take on foreign policy? We have the perfect antidote with a hidden eruope round up of elections from Iceland to Malta, the Czech Republic to Azerbaijan.

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Perhaps, if you are like us, you simply don't want to hear another word about elections. If you've had enough of pundits and polls, television debates and voting for presidents, please relax, take a deep breath... and now read on.

We are nearing the end of a year in which talk of presidential elections has never been far from anyone's lips. And the chatter has not just been of Obama and McCain contesting for the right to enjoy four troubled years in the White House. It may come as a surprise to our American readers, but we do occasionally have elections on this side of the Atlantic too. From Iceland to Armenia, Azerbaijan to Montenegro, the question of quite who will be the next president has these past months dominated the media in various parts of Europe.

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