Exploring cultures and communities – the slow way

We just discovered hidden europe, a treasure of a publication devoted to out-of-the-way corners of Europe, cultural (and geographical) enclaves, and thoughtful, leisurely examinations of destinations. Hidden europe commenced publication in early 2005 and comes out six times a year.

Quite frankly, we’re blown away. We love the publication’s very mission, its attention to detail, and its complete insouciance regarding trends and buzz. Take a look at these sample article subjects: Prague’s African community, the Georgian Military Highway, obscure airports, Vojvodina, Brussels’ les Marolles/De Marollen ‘hood, “people’s palaces” of socialist Europe, and Franz Josef Land.

Yowza, in other words.

posted by EuroCheapo.com in their 'media' section on 16 August 2007