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A look ahead at hidden europe 70 which will be published on 20 July 2023.

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We are a planning a very special final issue of hidden europe. Three of the contributors to this issue will feature. Laurence Mitchell will take a close look at flint, which in East Anglia is the locally abundant stone contributing much to the character of that region of England — its geology, its prehistory, its fine mediaeval churches and civic buildings. Rudolf Abraham will write about western Slovenia, while Paul Scraton wants to reflect on how two decades of hidden europe have shaped him as both a traveller and a writer.

Rest assured that hidden europe 70 will be much more than merely a retrospective. We’ll take some time to reflect how islands are now more potent than ever in shaping the human imagination — an appropriate theme for a magazine which has consistently showcased cultural, metaphorical and physical islands from around Europe. All this, and much more besides, in issue 70 of hidden europe which will be published on Thursday 20 July 2023.

If your sub runs out with issue 69, just preorder our final issue at www.hiddeneurope.eu/shop. It is just €9. We also offer back issues there, with substantial discounts for orders of three or more back issues. A set of ten back issues is currently just €58. Prices include postage to all European addresses, and the extra for overseas mailing is minimal (just €1 for a single issue).

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This article was published in hidden europe 69.