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hidden europe no. 11 (Nov / Dec 2006)

hidden europe no. 11 (Nov / Dec 2006)

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This is the eleventh issue of hidden europe magazine published in November 2006.

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  • Abkhazia: between two rivers (by Karlos Zurutuza)
  • checkmate or knockout (by Adam Daniel Mezei) 
  • London: Vauxhall pleasures 
  • the Karaim of Trakai (by Laurence Mitchell)

OUTPOST: trains stop only on request: Berney Arms

CONSUMING MATTERS: through Russia to Japan: the Beaujolais route

PERSPECTIVE: taking the slow boat

PEOPLE: from small beginnings: foundlings

BOOKS: the gentle art of travel writing

BORDERPOST: shifting territories: Märket reef

HIDDEN HISTORIES: multiple meanings: the swastika symbol

HERITAGE: in a class of its own: the puente de Vizcaya


  • Georgian hospitality
  • preview
  • bizarre nights 
  • Venice at rest
  • essays in glass
  • calculating train fares

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