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There were the journeys planned, the journeys made, and also the journeys never made. And our list of likely topics for hidden europe just grew and grew. Whatever will happen to the untold tales?

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In the very first issue of hidden europe magazine, we published reports from Bohemia, Sicily, Poland, the Outer Hebrides and much more. “How will you ever manage to sustain such a rich flow of stories?” asked a reader from Ireland at the time. In truth, we were ourselves a little nervous on that count.

Our worries were misplaced. We quickly discovered that there were stories to be told about even the least promising places. In the early days of the magazine, we were quite purposeful in planning journeys and the articles which would derive from those journeys. That planning stood us in good stead. But in time we realised that we could alight from the slow train pretty well anywhere and tell a good tale.

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This article was published in hidden europe 70.