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For customers from one of the EU member states, the prices quoted on our webpage already include shipping costs and 7% value-added tax (VAT). For more information on VAT, please click here. European customers from outside the EU member states are not charged VAT and no extra shipping costs are added.

If you purchase hidden europe online and are from outside Europe, you will see that our online shop calculates the total price for purchasing hidden europe in two parts. The first consists of the product price, which excludes VAT, since this specific tax is only charged for EU customers. The second part are the extra shipping costs, which are added during the checkout process. Note that these extra shipping costs only apply to customers from outside Europe.

Lead times

If you take out a subscription from within Europe, you will receive each new issue of hidden europe by the publication day in each month in which our magazine is published, beginning with the month you specify in your order. This date varies, but is usually about the fourth day of the month. This is also true for gift subscriptions. Orders from outside Europe might take a little longer to reach you.

hidden europe is usually purchased on a regular subscription basis. However, we also make provision for those who just want to buy a single copy. Purchasing a single issue of our magazine might take up to one week within Europe to reach you by post. Delivering a single issue of our magazine to destinations outside Europe, could take up to two weeks. We will inform you by email once your order has been shipped.