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hidden europe magazine celebrates the art of travel beyond the tourist trails. Enjoy reading about Europe's special spaces. The travel magazine promises a fresh perspective on well trodden trails and a cool look at undiscovered corners. hidden europe celebrates the art of travel and travel writing.

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Frequent contributor

Duncan JD Smith

Duncan JD Smith is an urban explorer, travel writer, historian, and photographer. He is the author of 'Only in Vienna', one of a series of guidebooks by Duncan that probe the hidden corners of various European cities.

Frequent contributor

Hidden europe

Articles marked as authored by hidden europe have been penned in-house by the hidden europe editors Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries.

Frequent contributor

Karlos Zurutuza

Karlos Zurutuza is hidden europe's special correspondent. He writes in Basque, Spanish and English. His work has been published in various magazines and newspapers.

Frequent contributor

Laurence Mitchell

Laurence Mitchell became a travel writer almost by default having squandered his youth travelling in North Africa and India. These days he concentrates on writing and photography and, while still drawn to transition zones and cultural frontiers like Central Asia, the Balkans and the Caucasus region, is increasingly more content to explore closer to home.

Frequent contributor

Nicky Gardner

Nicky Gardner is a travel writer and co-editor of hidden europe magazine. Nicky writes mainly about slow travel and off-the-beaten-track communities in Europe.

Frequent contributor

Patricia Stoughton

Patricia Stoughton is a journalist specializing in French culture and history, with a particular interest in the hidden treasures of west Brittany.

Frequent contributor

Paul Scraton

Paul Scraton is a Berlin-based writer with a particular interest in landscape, memory and place. He is the editor-in-chief of Elsewhere: A Journal of Place.

Frequent contributor

Rudolf Abraham

Rudolf Abraham is an award-winning travel writer and photographer specialising in Central and Eastern Europe. He is the author of a dozen books and has contributed to many more, and his work is published widely in magazines.

Frequent contributor

Susanne Kries

Susanne Kries is editor of hidden europe magazine. She is also responsible for the magazine's design and layout. Born and brought up in Berlin, Susanne has made regular forays beyond the city boundary, so cultivating an affection for offbeat communities, their cultures and their languages.

Adam Daniel Mezei

Adam Daniel Mezei is a Prague based writer and freelance journalist. Born in Canada, Adam has published two volumes of short stories: We are the New Auroras and We are the New Bohemians (both published by iUniverse).

Adam J Shardlow

Adam J Shardlow writes fiction and travel related material. He has had short stories published in 'Twisted Tongue' and 'Aesthetica' magazines. He is also a scriptwriter for the BBC comedy 'Call My Bluff'.

Amanda Kendle

Amanda Kendle is an Australian travel writer with a special interest in Russia and eastern Europe. Prior to returning to her native Perth (Western Australia) in 2006, Amanda lived and worked in Europe for many years, with spells in both Slovakia and Germany. She has also lived in Japan.

Amanda Wilson

Amanda Wilson's commentaries on geo-political issues have been published in the media in both Europe and the USA. While living in Pécs, she worked with grassroots media initiatives in Hungary. Amanda now lives in North Carolina in the USA.

Amy Aed

Amy Aed graduated in 2020 from Aberystwyth University where she edited a travel magazine called ‘The Courier’. She runs the travel blog Wandering Everywhere, a place for explorers, dreamers, and storytellers.

Anjeza Cikopano

Anjeza Cikopano is an Albanian photographer now living near Vienna in Austria. Her special interest is in social documentary photography.

Antonia Young

Antonia Young is an anthropologist who has worked extensively in Albania and elsewhere in the Balkans. She is the author of 'Women who Become Men: Albanian Sworn Virgins' (published by Berg Press). Antonia lives in Skipton in England.

Bryn Frank

Bryn Frank writes widely about Germany and is especially interested in the eastern part of the country. He is editor of 'The Good Cottage Guide'.

Caroline Mills

Caroline Mills is a freelance travel writer with a specialist knowledge of touring Europe. She loves to seek out less celebrated locations and the lesser-known features of popular places and writes on many subject areas as she traverses the continent. For hidden europe magazine, she has penned an article on Leuven University Library.

Christopher Deliso

Chris Deliso is a writer and journalist who lives in Skopje in Macedonia where he manages the Balkan interest web site Balkanalysis. He is author of a travel narrative entitled Hidden Macedonia: The Mystic Lakes of Ohrid and Prespa, published in London in 2007 by Haus Publishing.

Christopher Portway

Christopher Portway was a distinguished travel writer and author of several books. He was based in Brighton (England) before becoming a Chelsea Pensioner. Sadly, Christopher passed away in August 2009.

Daiva Repeckaite

Daiva Repeckaite is a freelance journalist living in Malta since 2017. Her travel writing has appeared in Misadventures Mag, Café Babel and Horizon Guides, but she mostly writes about the environment, health and human rights.

Darmon Richter

Darmon Richter is a specialist in the ideological art and architecture of former communist societies. From his base in Bulgaria, he ventures out to explore the forgotten ruins of bold, heroic and Utopian designs across post-Soviet Europe and beyond.

David Cawley

Following nine years of living in the Canary Islands, and a couple of years working with regional newspapers, David Cawley turned freelance. He focuses on travel writing and photography and nowadays lives not far from his native Manchester.

Diego Vivanco

Diego Vivanco is a Spanish photographer and writer based in Zaragoza. He is also an award-winning filmmaker and one of the co-founders of Kauri.

Emma Levine

Based in London, Emma works mainly as an independent travel writer and editor, including writing guidebooks, and makes frequent journeys to Turkey, India and the Middle East. For hidden europe she penned an article on crafting filigree in Kosovo.

Erik Schaffer

Erik Schaffer lives in Finland. Together with Silvia Stock, he produces texts and images on outdoor and travel themes.

Hilary Bradt

Hilary Bradt is founder of Bradt Travel Guides and herself author of a dozen books, of which the latest is '˜Slow Devon and Exmoor'. Madagascar is her first love, closely rivalled by her home county of Devon.

Iain Bamforth

Iain Bamforth is a much-travelled doctor of medicine and of letters, whose work has appeared in many periodicals, including 'Quadrant', 'London Review of Books', 'Times Literary Supplement' and 'Lapham's Quarterly'.

James Carron

James Carron is an independent writer from Scotland. He specialises in outdoor pursuits and has walked many of Scotland's more demanding routes.

Jamie Maddison

Jamie Maddison is an English writer and photographer. Find out more about Jamie’s work at

Jan Fuscoe

Jan Fuscoe is a travel writer with a special interest in Italy. For hidden europe, Jan wrote an article about traditional beekeeping in Sardinia.

Jenny Robertson

Jenny Robertson has lived in Russia, Poland and Ukraine. Her books include 'A Season in St Petersburg' (Lion Publishing) and 'Don't go to Uncle's Wedding - Voices from the Warsaw Ghetto' (Azure/SPCK).

John Mead

John Mead lives and works in Manchester in northern England. He is just embarking upon a career in journalism.

Kate Wilson

Kate Wilson lives in the Spanish village of Secastilla, where she is busily peeking into larders and watching the womenfolk of the village at work in their kitchens.

Kelly Schierman

Kelly Schierman is a travel writer who spent two years in Zagreb before moving recently to Costa Rica.

Mark Baker

Mark Baker is a freelance travel writer who lives in Prague. He is a regular contributor on travel matters to 'National Geographic Traveller' and the 'Wall Streeet Journal'.

Mark Rowe

Mark Rowe is a wildlife and environmental journalist and writer. He is author of 'Orkney: the Bradt Travel Guide' and also of Bradt’s Outer Hebrides guide.

Michelle Lovric

Michelle Lovric is a writer who splits her time between Venice and London. Her three novels about Venice, 'Carnevale', 'The Floating Book' and 'The Remedy' are all published by Virago.

Neil Taylor

Neil Taylor is author of 'The Bradt Guide to Estonia' and editor of and principal contributor to 'Baltic Capitals' (also published by Bradt). Neil splits his time between London and Tallinn.

Nigel Roberts

Nigel Roberts is author of the first English language travel guide to Belarus. He lives in Worcestershire, England, where he works on sustainable development projects.

Paul E Richardson

Paul Richardson is a journalist, photographer and publisher. Based in Montpelier, the capital of Vermont, he is also editor of Russian Life, a bimonthly magazine on Russian culture, history, travel and life.

Paul Hadfield

Paul Hadfield was a writer and educator who lived for over twenty years in Ireland. His poetry has been published in many journals including Critical Quarterly and Études Irlandaises.

Peter Wortsman

Peter Wortsman writes plays and short stories. He has translated a number of books from German into English. His new translation of Heinrich Heine's 'Reisebilder', a classic piece of early travel literature, has been published in 2008 by Archipelago Press under the title 'Travel Pictures'.

Philip Dunshea

Philip Dunshea is a specialist in Brittonic history at the University of Cambridge. And his slightly less-academic alter ego weaves words which evoke the spirit of those landscapes today.

Richard Tulloch

Richard Tulloch is an Australian author of books, plays and screenplays for young people, and is most notorious for writing the children's TV series Bananas in Pyjamas, screened in over seventy countries.

Silvia Stock

Silvia Stock lives in Finland. Together with Erik Schaffer, she produces texts and images on outdoor and travel themes.

Suzanne and Andrew Edwards

Andrew and Suzanne Edwards split their time between Britain and Sicily. They have coauthored a number of books, among them ‘Ghosts of the Belle Époque‘ (a history of the Hotel delle Palme in Palermo) and ‘Sicily: A Literary Guide for Travellers’ Literary Guide for Travellers’.

Theresa O'Shea

Theresa O'Shea lives in Benaque, a small village north-east of Málaga. She is a frequent contributor to expat magazines about Spain. She is joint author (with Valerie Collins) of 'In the Garlic', a witty and perceptive account of Spanish life published in 2007 by Santana Books.

Tim Locke

Tim Locke is a travel writer and editor living in Sussex. He was born in Sydenham in a house once owned by John Scott Russell, a Victorial engineer who was one of the original directors of the Crystal Palace Company.

Toby Screech

Toby Screech is a professional linguist who lives in Amsterdam and Liverpool.

Üstün Bilgen-Reinart

Üstün Bilgen-Reinart is an Ankara-based Turkish-Canadian writer. Her books have examined the social and environmental dislocations associated with development in Canada and western Turkey. Her book, Porcelain Moon and Pomegranates: A Woman's Trek through Turkey was published 2008 by Dundurn Press.

Victor Paul Borg

Victor Paul Borg, a Maltese national, is a freelance writer and photographer. He writes regularly about his home country and is author of three guidebooks to Malta, including 'Malta and Gozo' in the Rough Guide 'Directions' series.

Wolf Oschlies

hidden europe has published one article by Wolf Oschlies that originally appeared in German. Wolf is a regular contributor to the n-ost network that offers a fresh perspective on the parts of Europe that feature less requently in the media.