Kirsty Jane Falconer

Kirsty Jane Falconer

writer and translator

Kirsty Jane Falconer is Scottish a writer and translator who moved to Italy to escape Brexit. After an initial spell in Tuscany, she relocated in late 2020 to Ferrara. Kirsty studied history and theology. Her writing has been published inter alia in America Magazine, Times Literary Supplement and The Tablet.

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Magazine article

The Ghost of Machiavelli: a visit to Sant'Andrea

by Kirsty Jane Falconer

With the restoration of Medici rule in Florence in 1512, Niccolò Machiavelli retreated to his family estate in the Tuscan hills. Kirsty Jane Falconer visits the village of Sant’Andrea in Percussina where Machiavelli wrote his best-known book: Il Principe (The Prince).