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Darmon Richter


Darmon Richter is a specialist in the ideological art and architecture of former communist societies. From his base in Bulgaria, he ventures out to explore the forgotten ruins of bold, heroic and Utopian designs across post-Soviet Europe and beyond. His latest book Chernobyl: A Stalkers’ Guide was published by FUEL (London) last year. Darmon’s blog is at

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On the wrong side of the line: report from a Ukrainian village

by Darmon Richter

Sofia Bezverhaya says she is always glad to cater to those who want to see a more traditional picture of the region. “I am grateful that people are coming,” she says, “and especially when they bring bread, oil, and supplies! We have a mobile shop, but it only comes once a month.” Darmon Richter reports from the Ukrainian village of Kupovate.