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Please feel free to enter any questions you have here. We will get back to you as quickly as possible. Information about our email address, telephone number and postal address are listed below the form.

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Postal address:

Nicky Gardner & Susanne Kries
hidden europe
Geraer Strasse 14-c
12209 Berlin


+49 (0)30 755 16 128 *


+49 (0)30 715 22 870


editors [at] hiddeneurope [dot] eu

We can handle incoming correspondence in English, German, French, Danish, Latin and Lallans. Whether we can competently reply in all these languages is quite another matter!

* Of course you can call hidden europe any time you wish. We would prefer that you get an alive and alert human being to answer your call, rather than a dull machine. So call weekdays between 9.00 and 18.00 CET if you can.

We are on the same time zone as Stockholm, Skopje and Seville! Or, put another way, one hour ahead of Stornoway, Southend and the Scilly Isles (all in the British Isles). And, for those who really want to labour the point, we lag an hour behind Sofia and two hours behind Smolensk and Sevastopol!