FAQ: online access

This Questions and Answers page provides information on online access to hidden europe back issues. If you do not find the answer you were looking for, please contact us.

Questions and Answers

  • Who can gain online access?

    At present, you have to be a personal subscriber to hidden europemagazine to be able to gain online access to full-length texts of hidden europe's back issues. Access is free for personal subscribers to the magazine and remains available as long as your subscription lasts.

    So if you are a subscriber and want to gain online access, you first have to register for a member account.

    Before you get to the registration page, we shall ask you to show that you are an existing subscriber to the magazine. Simply answer a specific question concerning the current issue of hidden europe magazine. This is a very simple question which you should easily be able to answer provided you have access to that issue.

    On the registration page, you will be requested to enter your email address, full name, desired login name and password. Once you have filled in the required information on the registration page, enter the image code (to demonstrate to the system what you already knew... that you are NOT a robot), accept the not-very-onerous terms and conditions for your membership account and click "register".

  • When do I gain access?

    Upon registration, you can immediately log into your account with your username and password. After each successful log in, you will be taken to the page that you previously visited. At the top right of each page, you will now see two links: "Log out" and "Edit profile". Clicking on "Edit profile" allows you to change your email address and password. We would very much appreciate if you'd keep your email address up-to-date, as we would use that should we ever need to contact you over any issues concerning your account.

  • What can I access?

    Access will be eventually granted to all back issues of hidden europe magazine - so to all issues apart from the current one (which as a subscriber you will have in print anyway). This covers the full-length text of all articles plus additional material such as information boxes and tables. Accompanying pictures will be uploaded provided we hold the copyright or have acquired permission from the copyright holder.

    All articles can be read online or indeed printed out for a more comfy reading experience. Besides, you will be able to enjoy back issues in their original format by accessing them as flipbooks for online reading.

    Currently (i.e. as of November 2012), subscribers have access to seventeen back issues. But of course we upload full-text articles regularly until all back issues are available for online reading. This page helps you to keep track of what is already available.

  • For how long will my member account be valid?

    Access to hidden europe's back issues remains possible for the period of your subscription, terminating at the end of the month that your last subscription issue was published (so at the end of March for the spring issue, end of July for the summer issue and at the end of November for the winter issue).

    Once you have logged into your account, you'll see the date on which your account will be terminated. After that date, you will not be able to log into your account. We shall, however, keep the account for two months thereafter so that you can reuse it should you decide to renew your subscription to hidden europe magazine.