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Regular hidden europe correspondent Karlos Zurutuza files a report from Nagorno Karabagh.

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Nagorno Karabagh is one of those disputed territories which only occasionally creep into the news. Populated mainly by Armenians, it claims to be an independent country, yet no nation recognises the legitimacy of the government in the territorial capital of Stepanakert. Small wonder then that Nagorno Karabagh is no tourist hotspot. hidden europe correspondent, Karlos Zurutuza, has been travelling through the Caucasus region, and filed this report from the village of Vank in Nagorno Karabagh.

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Karlos Zurutuza has been covering human rights and conflict along parallel 33 (from Western Sahara to Eastern Baluchistan) for the past 15 years. Other than in hidden europe, his work has been published in prominent media outlets such as Al Jazeera, IPS News Vicenews, The Middle East Eye and The Guardian, among many others. He has also published several books, his latest being Tierra Adentro (Libros del KO, 2018), which covers seven years of ground reporting in Libya.

This article was published in hidden europe 10.