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Editorial hidden europe 1

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Welcome to hidden europe! Join us on a journey that in this issue will lead from rural Russia to the Scottish Hebrides, from Poland to Piedmont, and from Lithuania to Albania. hidden europe evokes the spirit of Europe's diverse landscapes, conjures up a sense of place and probes the curiosities of our continent's diverse cultures.

We hope that hidden europe will inspire you to look beyond the usual tourist trails. Or just to stay at home, take out an atlas and enjoy our enthusiasm for the offbeat, the eclectic and the everyday people and places that make Europe so special.

Launching a new travel magazine may seem like folly at a time when we all suffer from information overload. But we think there's still a place for the quieter, more reflective, style of writing which we hope will become our hallmark. So in this issue, you will find articles on slow food and slow trains - plus one that extols the merits of the slow boat.

hidden europe has no specific geographical focus beyond that implied by our title. In this first issue, our emphasis is more on central and eastern Europe, but not exclusively so, for Sicily gets a good airing too. In hidden europe 2, due out in May, we shall look west to Europe's Atlantic littoral. We'll return to Cape Finisterre, where this editorial for hidden europe 1 is penned on a cold February afternoon. This rocky headland overlooking the Atlantic really was the end of the earth for many Europeans of earlier times. We shall look north to the Faroe Islands too. And of course we'll return to eastern Europe in May's issue, this time to explore a little known land untouched by modern dentistry.

We hope you will be tempted to subscribe, whether for yourself or as a gift for a family member or friend. Subscription information is on the inside back cover and on our website at www.hiddeneurope.co.uk. And we hope you will let us know what you make of our efforts to probe and document some of Europe's hidden corners. E-mail us at editors@hiddeneurope.co.uk.

Nicky SC Gardner & Susanne Kries

Cape Finisterre, Galicia, Spain
9 February 2005