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There are two classes of travellers, are there not? Most readers of hidden europe surely travel because they want to. They wander Europe's by-ways at will and return home when they want. Modern tourism foregrounds choice. Yet there is another category of traveller: the exile. In hidden europe 21, we shall look at travellers who had no choice but to leave home. Estranged from their communities, some modern exiles are washed ashore on the island of Malta. They do not always get quite such a good reception as St Paul is said to have received when shipwrecked on Malta.

In our July 2008 issue, we shall also report from Moldova and explore the hills and valleys where eastern Saxony, Polish Silesia and Bohemia converge. And we shall take time out in Málaga, where Atarazanas market captures the history of the Andalucian city. hidden europe 21 will be published on Friday 4 July 2008.