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A look ahead at hidden europe 58 which will be published on 15 July 2019.

The novelist JB Priestley knew the value of a good stone wall. “No landscape looks to me quite right without them,” he wrote in his 1934 book English Journey. Whether it be the drystone wall which encircles North Ronaldsay (see page 10 in this issue) or the sooty gritstone walls of Priestley’s native West Yorkshire, we could not agree more. So we were delighted when Rudolf Abraham took up the challenge of tracking down some of Europe’s best drystone walls. You can read his feature in the next issue of the magazine.

hidden europe 58 is published on Monday 15 July 2019. Stone walls apart, we’ll explore how forests fire the imagination, look at the rise and fall of great coastal resorts and report from Ireland — a country which, despite a modest outing in this issue (see page 16), has featured all too rarely in hidden europe.