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Travelling around Luxembourg, one is ever aware of the influence of the Cape Verde islands. Conversely, in Cape Verde one notices the influence of Luxembourg. We explore the reciprocal relationship between the Grand Duchy and the island archipelago in the Atlantic.

Anyone bound for the island of Santo Antão must take the boat. This most westerly of the islands in the Cape Verde archipelago once had a small aerodrome, but it was closed in the 1990s on safety grounds. Unpredictable Atlantic winds simply made the airport too dangerous to use. So these days the boats to Santo Antão do a steady trade, shuttling passengers and freight over from neighbouring São Vicente. The boats all land at Porto Novo on Santo Antão, where new arrivals are often surprised to discover that the smart ferry terminal was paid for in part by a grant from the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

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Editorial hidden europe 61

Coronavirus seemed merely a distant threat as the last issue of hidden europe went to press on 28 February. We then spent the early part of March in Luxembourg and Switzerland, making tracks for Berlin just as much of Europe shut down due to Coronavirus. Life suddenly became quieter. We all had time to think.

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Editorial hidden europe 60

We are writing this editorial in Luxembourg, a diminutive Grand Duchy where there is seemingly limitless choice. Three other countries are within a half-hour drive of the capital and thanks to the splendid Schengen Agreement there is absolute freedom of mobility across those borders. Luxembourg gets a mention in the pages that follow, of course, but we also invite you to join us as we visit Scotland, Malta, Austria, Ukraine and Lithuania.

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Luxembourg: anything but boring

The self-image of communities and even whole countries is always deserving of study. We never would have thought that Luxembourg feared it was boring and monotonous. To us, it seems vibrant, varied, chic and charming.