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A look a head at hidden europe 66 which will be published on 18 March 2022.

Issue 66 of hidden europe will be published on Friday 18 March 2022. Although the pandemic is still casting uncertainty over our travel plans, we hope to report on a classic rail journey — the new Eurocity service from Vienna to Trieste — that gives the opportunity to recreate the heyday of Habsburg travel. We shall also be exploring a commercial hub in the Polish countryside which is shown on few maps and review some unusual wine-production regions.

Meanwhile, Advent is almost upon us and we shall offer some seasonal specials in our online shop for three weeks from Saturday 27 November. A subscription to hidden europe, perhaps accompanied by a handful of back issues, makes a welcome Christmas gift. Signed copies of the February 2021 reprint of our book Europe by Rail: The Definitive Guide are also available.