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Picture above: The cultural landscapes of the Po Delta have been shaped by changing patterns of agriculture and settlement (photo © Underworld / dreamstime.com).


The EU-funded EXCOVER initiative reveals how lesser-frequented regions of the Adriatic coastline have real potential to alleviate pressure in tourist hotspots. One of the EXCOVER case studies is the Po Delta region of Italy.

The challenge of developing tourism in the Po Delta and adjacent areas of Italy’s Adriatic littoral is now attracting international attention. The EU-funded EXCOVER initiative is a joint Italian-Croatian project looking at how to shift visitors from overcrowded destinations to less frequented areas. EXCOVER has taken this stretch of Italian coastline as one of its case studies. The project has promoted, through collaboration with an Italian documentary film-maker, a series of walks, typically about 7 or 8 km long (“each around 10,000 steps,” they say), which give visitors the chance to experience the quiet beauty of these flatlands.

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