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Frösön Island

by hidden europe

Picture above: Autumn view of Frösön Island on Lake Storsjön (photo © Krzysztov Stasiak / dreamstime.com).


The island of Frösön in Lake Storsjön is the perfect retreat for walks and bike rides. We follow part of the traditional pilgrimage route over Frösön, passing the most northerly rune stone in the world.

Swedes love islands. Most inhabited Swedish islands are around the coasts of the country, but there’s a special affection for islands which are in inland lakes. Lake Vänern, the country’s largest lake, has a number of inhabited islands, the largest of which is Torsö. Frösön is the largest island in Lake Storsjön and prior to the founding of Östersund in 1786, this island community perceived itself to be the hub of Jämtland life. And with good reason, for Frösön has a history of human settlement that goes back over a thousand years. It has a distinguished old church and the northernmost rune stone in the world.

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Editorial hidden europe 62

We do rather like an amble, even sometimes a ramble, but when we are in rural regions we do also quite like to vegetate, and the current pandemic has certainly allowed us many opportunities to do just that. And thus maybe unsurprisingly, there is a walking theme to this issue of hidden europe. Enjoy the read.