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A chance to pick up the threads of earlier issues of hidden europe. From chess boxing to the knotty question of what folk from the Greek island of Lesbos should call themselves. Lesbians, perhaps?

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From time to time in hidden europe we review topics raised in earlier issues of the magazine. Herewith another bundle of threads.

In May this year, we touched on the knotty topic of gentilics - the names given to folk who hail from a particular country, region or town. You know the sort of word: Mancunians, Swedes and Orcadians. We proffered a few words of gentle gentilic guidance, counselling that the good citizens of the Greek island of Lesbos are not necessarily lesbians. Little did we reckon with the ferocity of the response from Lesbos, for evidently there is a vocal minority of Lesbos residents, mainly men it has to be said, who are very proud to call themselves Lesbians. Indeed, local publisher Dimitris Lambrou is presently embroiled in some complicated legal tussles to try and reclaim the ‘L word' for himself and fellow islanders. Ours not to reason why!

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