About Us

hidden europe is an English language print-on-paper magazine that explores the cultural diversity of modern Europe. It is published thrice annually. We have developed a genuinely pan-European readership and have published - in our magazine and our regular e-newsletter - hundreds of articles on life, people and places across the continent.

We unpick what makes cultures and communities tick, catching the warp and weft of society in a manner that is not so common in much travel writing nowadays.  And we mainstream on good prose - words that really evoke the spirit of landscape and a sense of place. Whether we are reporting from a small town in Belarus, a remote Mediterranean island or from the slow train through rural Bosnia, we approach every topic with passion, insight, conviction and authority.

Pure content rather than distracting ads

Okay, so we know that there are already magazines aplenty about far flung places. And even the regular newspapers deluge us with travel supplements that extol the merits of the latest hip ski resort, detail what's new in Caribbean chic, or encourage us to go llama trekking in the back of beyond.

hidden europe is different. We don't take paid advertisements. Our work is value driven, so the magazine is another world from the ad-led content that fills the regular travel pages.

And what about the hidden europe team?

hidden europe magazine comes from Berlin, the very heart of Europe. And that's not chance. We live in a city that for half a century straddled a deeply divided Europe. And us? Two women, who between us have travelled more miles around Europe than most. We are not tour operators, not travel agents, nor do we have any multinational backers. We work on a variety of projects, of which hidden europe is just one. We provide sparkling prose and images for a huge range of clients across Europe and beyond. Our work has been translated into half a dozen languages.

And we don't just write. We package content developed by ourselves and others to provide customised solutions for publishers. And, most important, we provide advice and consultancy solutions in a range of disciplines. We have worked on projects relating to cultural heritage, travel and tourism, minority languages, regional development, social issues in border regions and transport development.

Nicky Gardner and Susanne Kries
(editors, hidden europe magazine)