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disclaimer Okay, now for the boring bit! But it’s important to you, and important for us. Much hidden europe material relates to travel to various parts of Europe, some of it to quite out of the way spots. Sensible travellers check local circumstances before setting out, take advice from the relevant authorities, and keep a weather eye open for the untoward. Similarly, public transport schedules can and do change, key contacts may move away and onetime reliable accommodation options turn into real dives. In short, while we try and make sure that everything in hidden europe magazine and on this website is accurate, we cannot be held responsible if your plans go awry. If you think we’ve made a mistake somewhere, it’s always good to let us know, but we cannot accept any responsibility for loss or damage occasioned by material included, or anything we omitted to mention, in our magazine or on this website. We regularly update our domains on the wickedly woven web (,,,, but have no control over or responsibility for other domains to which we provide links or which link to us.  
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