Delivery costs

For customers in Europe, the prices quoted on our webpage already include all handling and shipping costs plus value-added tax (VAT) where applicable. For more information on VAT, please click here.

If you purchase hidden europe for delivery to an address outside Europe, you will see that our online shop calculates the total price for purchasing hidden europe in two parts. The first consists of the product price. The second part are the extra shipping costs, which are added during the checkout process. This additional shipping cost for mailings to destinations outside Europe is very modest. So, by way of example, an annual subscription delivered to an address in North American costs just €3 more than for a sub sent to an address in Europe.

Lead times

If you take out a subscription from within Europe, you will receive each new issue of hidden europe by the publication day in each month in which our magazine is published, beginning with the issue you specify in your order. This date varies, but is usually about the tenth day of the month. This is also true for gift subscriptions. Orders from outside Europe might take a little longer to reach you.

hidden europe is usually purchased on a regular subscription basis. However, we also make provision for those who just want to buy a single copy. Any copies ordered (whether it is your first subscription issue, a set of back issues or indeed a single copy), are usually dispatched within two or three days. We will inform you by email once your order has been shipped.

Last updated: 1 January 2021