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A look ahead to the next issue of hidden europe.

hidden europe returns in early July with another compendium of essays exploring offbeat corners of our continent and little known aspects of European life. In many countries, allotment gardens are a mainstay of urban life. They are often extraordinary places, tucked away in parts of cities that are well off the tourist trail. Allotments are indeed expressions of culture. In Ireland and Poland they often reflect an agrarian past, while in Germany they are a keen mirror of national bureaucracy: little parcels of land surrounded by legislation. So we shall have a look at allotment gardens in hidden europe 15. And we shall venture to Malta, virgin territory for hidden europe. There, we shall unravel the curious links between the Roman Catholic Church and the island's fireworks industry. In addition we shall report on one of Europe's most remarkable train routes: the more than twenty hour journey from Stockholm to Narvik in the Norwegian Arctic. All that, and much more, in hidden europe 15, published on Monday 2 July.

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