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Ukraine opens its doors

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Ukraine relaxes its visa requirements

Subscribers to hidden europe's e-newsletter were among the first to hear the news on the morning of 1 April that Ukraine is relaxing its visa requirement for citizens of all twenty-five EU nations and Switzerland. And this was no April Fools Day joke. In the press release issued the previous evening, the Ukrainian news agency announced that President Viktor Yushchenko had just signed a decree allowing visitors from these twenty-six countries to visit Ukraine from 1 May to 31 August 2005 without a visa.

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So where is Mukaceve

Ruthenia and the Rusyn language scarcely figure in our mental maps of Europe. But Rusyn life & culture are alive and well in the remote valleys of the Carpathians.

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Overnight luxury

As we report in railscan, many overnight trains have been axed, but, especially within the CIS countries, there remain a few hidden gems. Ukraine is a good place to start.