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Hugo connections

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Victor Hugo was an acclaimed writer, to be sure, but he was also a European visionary. We look at Hugo's connections with Luxembourg.

Vianden and Victor Hugo go hand in hand. While the French writer's long years of exile in the Channel Islands are well known, his Luxembourg connections are far less celebrated. Many of Victor Hugo's finest works were penned during the fifteen years he lived in Guernsey. Vianden fired Victor Hugo's imagination in another way - it inspired some of his best sketches. Vianden, a small town in the Ardennes Luxembourgeoises, was for Hugo a place to think and to reflect.

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Coronavirus seemed merely a distant threat as the last issue of hidden europe went to press on 28 February. We then spent the early part of March in Luxembourg and Switzerland, making tracks for Berlin just as much of Europe shut down due to Coronavirus. Life suddenly became quieter. We all had time to think.

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We are writing this editorial in Luxembourg, a diminutive Grand Duchy where there is seemingly limitless choice. Three other countries are within a half-hour drive of the capital and thanks to the splendid Schengen Agreement there is absolute freedom of mobility across those borders. Luxembourg gets a mention in the pages that follow, of course, but we also invite you to join us as we visit Scotland, Malta, Austria, Ukraine and Lithuania.

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The self-image of communities and even whole countries is always deserving of study. We never would have thought that Luxembourg feared it was boring and monotonous. To us, it seems vibrant, varied, chic and charming.