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Rail timetable reborn

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The renaissance of the European Rail Timetable (ERT) is good news for rail travellers across the continent. The decision last year by Thomas Cook to scrap the title was a bitter blow. But, thanks to a new company set up by the team that compiled the timetable in Thomas Cook days, the ERT is back.

Now, here is some very good news for European travellers. Like Marcel Proust and Zuleika Dobson, we have always appreciated the value of train timetables. So we were more than a little upset when Thomas Cook stopped publishing their European Rail Timetable last summer… and then delighted to hear that the former compilers of the timetable have set up a new company to continue publication of the title.

The first issue under the new arrangements has just been published. As before, a new edition of the timetable will be published at the start of each month.To find out more and buy a copy, go to www.europeanrailtimetable.eu.

As with the former Cook’s timetable, each issue of the new European Rail Timetable includes a ‘Route of the Month’ supplied by hidden europe. In the debut issue, the showcased route covers Table 60 in the book: Berlin to Budapest.

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