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Hidden europe: a look into the past


It was traumatic to find, some years back, that our favourite Italian restaurant - a neat little place in San Remo - had been turned into a garage. Things change. Let's take a moment to pick up threads of some articles published by hidden europe over the last year or two and see what has changed.

In hidden europe 6 (January 2006) we reported on the weekly train from Siberia to Berlin, noting that it also carried a through carriage from Astana, the capital of Kazakhstan. Indeed, we titled the article "the train from Kazakhstan". Unfortunately, you'll wait in vain at Berlin nowadays for the weekly train from Astana. Siberia, no problem, but passengers from Kazakhstan can now only travel as far west as Warsaw on a direct train. There are rumours that the Astana to Berlin carriage may reappear from mid December 2007.

This is just an excerpt. The full text of this article is not yet available to members with online access to hidden europe. Of course you can read the full article in the print edition of hidden europe 16.
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So where is Mukaceve

Ruthenia and the Rusyn language scarcely figure in our mental maps of Europe. But Rusyn life & culture are alive and well in the remote valleys of the Carpathians.

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Overnight luxury

As we report in railscan, many overnight trains have been axed, but, especially within the CIS countries, there remain a few hidden gems. Ukraine is a good place to start.