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Border-hopping Rail Tariffs

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We delve into the high theology of rail fares, noting the phenomenon of the extra-territorial tariff point. So Aachen in Germany features in the Belgian domestic tariff, and Schaffhausen in Switzerland is a German tariff point (as well as being a Swiss one). Enjoy.

Our article on the introduction of free public transport in Luxembourg raises the oddball notion of national rail tariffs not respecting international frontiers. We saw instances of two stations in France, Audun and Volmerange, which are priced as though they were in Luxembourg, and the case of Athus which features in both the Belgian and Luxembourg rail tariffs. Right across Europe, there are very many examples of such extra-territorial tariff points.

Schaffhausen in Switzerland co-exists on both the German and Swiss national tariffs, while Salzburg Hauptbahnhof in Austria benefits from being on both the German and Austrian national tariffs.

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