Exploring cultures and communities – the slow way

What I like about hidden europe is that it publishes articles about the corners of Europe with a quirky spin. Definitely off the beaten path, and not trying to compete with standard commercial travel-publishing or informative write-ups.

The magazine is bi-monthly and was started by two girls based out of Berlin, and they have covered some great stories such as: Visiting Father Frost: In search of Santa Claus’ comrade, and A Swedish village in Ukraine: Gammalsvenskby.

HOWEVER, I was disappointed to find that it’s not free to read.

Good for them, but at a subscription of Euro 39 a year (for 6 issues), makes it more expensive than Time Magazine - but oh well.

They do have some complete stories uploaded in their Flavour of Hidden Europe section, which you should definitely check out.

Worth a visit to read some different and original travel-writing.

posted on Written Road — the inside scoop to the travel publishing world on 29 August 2007