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First sight of Nobile crew!


Major Maddalena discovers Italia survivors on pack ice.

Major Maddalena discovers Italia survivors on pack ice.

Major Maddalena landed today at King's Bay after his successful reconnaissance flight in search of General Nobile. Maddalena has indeed seen General Nobile's camp on the ice below, but it was not possible for him to land because of the rough and broken surface of the ice. He nevertheless threw provisions for the survivors overboard from his Dornier Wal plane. Major Maddalena was positive that he had seen five people on the pack ice. The success of this venture was very much due to the radio that was installed in the Dornier Wal plane (a most unusual innovation in those days). It made it possible to give precise instructions to the pilot from King's Bay.

Now that the whereabouts of Nobile and his crew are known, Major Maddalena will think of a way to land close to the group. Meanwhile he will provide the survivors of the Italia crash with more much needed supplies. The Hobby and the Braganza, which have been instrumental in the rescue operations from day one, will attempt to force their way through the pack ice to reach the crew.

The good news about visual contact with Nobile and his team however are overshadowed by the fact that there are still no news about Captain Roald Amundsen and Major Guildbaud, who set out from Tromsø in search of Umberto Nobile in a French plane.

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