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Life on the ice floes


warmer weather - wetter clothes

Warmer weather - wetter clothes

Everyday life among the survivors on the ice floe gets ever more uncomfortable. True, it is warmer, and that’s a blessing. But now every item of clothing is soaked. Lundborg is perturbed that his aviator colleagues have not returned with more clothes drops from the air. But dense fog has returned, later accompanied by heavy snow.

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Cardinal points

One travel guide claims that Finisterre is the most westerly point on the European mainland. This is in fact wrong, just as other points that lay claim to special status as geographical extremities are often spurious. We map Europe's extremities.

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Great travel myths

We were intrigued to read a recent account in an English newspaper of a journey along "he most northerly railway in the world". The Ofoten railway from Kiruna in Sweden to Narvik in Norway is without doubt one of the most remarkable train journeys anywhere in Europe - but it surely is not the most northerly rail route in the world.