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Radio transmission from Italia


A radio transmission from the Italia was picked up today in the Soviet Union.

A radio transmission from the Italia was picked up today in the Soviet Union.

According to Reuters, a radio amateur from Voznesensk in the Soviet Union reports having picked up a signal that is believed to have originated from the crew of the airship Italia:

Italia, Nobile, Franz Joseph, S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S., S.O.S. … message ends

The committee entrusted with the Italia rescue mission decided in the light of this message to send ice-breakers and airships to Franz Josef Land — a route that Umberto Nobile might possibly have taken if, on returning from the North Pole towards Spitsbergen, the Italia had been blown by high winds off to the east.

Meanwhile, Central News report that the rescue ship Braganza as reached Amsterdam Island at the northwestern corner of Spitsbergen. In King's Bay, people loaded the Citta di Milano with the stores and equipment of the airship. The airship hangar is also being dismantled since it is no longer expected that the Italia will return to King's Bay.

The correspondent of the Morning Post and The Scotsman reports that Lieutenant Luetzow-Holm has begun his search for Nobile's crew by air.

Meanwhile, for the crew stranded on the ice pack, a fragment of chocolate is the only crumb of comfort in a windy day.

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