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Where is Roald Amundsen? Increasing concern about this veteran of polar exploration.

Where is Roald Amundsen? Increasing concern about this veteran of polar exploration.

It is now feared that Captain Roald Amundsen and his co-pilot, Major Guildbaud, have been forced to land in southern Spitsbergen on their way to King's Bay and that their plane might not be able to take off again. It is of course also possible that Roald Amundsen changed his plans without notifying people at King's Bay, perhaps searching on a different route for Umberto Nobile. However, the Norwegian government is concerned enough about this veteran of polar exploration that they have started plans for a relief expedition. As Central News report, the Norwegian Ministry of War is minded to order the lookout ship, Michael Sars, which is presently in the vicinity of Bear Island, to search for Amundsen.

The French government has also announced to join in the rescue mission for Roald Amundsen and will send two of its warships, the cruiser Strasbourg and the destroyer Quentin Roosevelt north to Spitsbergen. This might however take some time, since the Quentin Roosevelt is at present in Oslo.

It is a terrible thought that the rescue of one explorer might end with the death of another.

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