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Nobile Italia mission: the rescue


Mariano and Zappi saved - Malmgren dead

Mariano and Zappi saved - Malmgren dead

Amazing news from the Krassin, the Russian icebreaker still struggling through the ice to reach the stranded crew of the airship Italia. They have found Mariano and Zappi, two of the three man team which on 30 May set out across the ice to walk for help. Zappi is in good spirits, but Mariano is extremely debilitated and had to be brought aboard the Krassin on a stretcher. And what of Malmgren? Zappi explained that, some four weeks back, Malmgren had died on the ice.

A few hours later the Krassin located the other survivors of the Italia. There is jubilation on the ice flow that a rescue team has at last reached them.

But travel in Arctic waters is slow, and it will still take some days for the Krassin to transport the survivors to King's Bay. And of Amundsen there is still no news.

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