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Nobile crew in good health


Nobile and his crew have provisions to hold out for 45 days.

Nobile and his crew have provisions to hold out for 45 days.

The Citta di Milano has relayed a radio message from the Italia that identifies the airship's position at 80.30 degrees North and 28 degrees East. General Nobile has indicated that they possess provisions for 45 days and that the crew is in good health (albeit still labouring from the effects of cuts and fractures sustained in the crash of the Italia). According to Central News, the Citta di Milano has advised Umberto Nobile and his team to try to reach the mainland of North East Land because of the dangers of shifting pack ice.

The Norwegian Ministry of War received a telegram from Captain Riiser Larsen, who is currently unable to take off in a small plane to try to reach the Italia because of adverse weather conditions. The telegram states that the sealer Braganza, unable to move further north because of pack ice, has been called back at Riiser Larsen's request to take petrol and the Captain's plane on board. It shall then be attempted to go as far east in the archipelago as possible so that Captain Riiser Larsen can make an attempt to take off and find the Italia.

The Citta di Milano has also relayed information that a group of three men from the Italia crew has already left Nobile's base camp in order to reach the North Cape of Spitsbergen in search for aid.

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