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Trappers to join the search


rescue efforts commence: Captain Riiser Larsen is expected to join the rescue mission

Rescue efforts commence: Captain Riiser Larsen is expected to join the rescue mission

One of the trappers on board the supply ship Citta di Milano will go on shore in Spitsbergen as soon as the weather is better - the stormy conditions that have prevailed since the disappearance of the Italia have so far prevented any serious rescue attempts. The trapper will proceed to the north of the island and contact on his way as many local trappers as possible to join him in the search for Nobile's crew.

Meanwhile folk in King's Bay are hoping that Captain Riiser Larsen will be able to bring some planes over from Norway to help in the search. Hjalmar Riiser Larsen had successfully over-flown the North Pole in 1926 in an earlier misson with both Roald Amundsen and Umberto Nobile. That was on the airship Norge. Larsen’s involvement in the rescue mission is seen as a great asset.

Two ships, the Hobby and the Braganza, are expected to arrive in Spitsbergen in the next few days. They will carry Norwegian soldiers with polar experience. According to "Central News", the Braganza, a ship of 313 tons, might even be able to carry a plane.

On the ice pack, far away to the north, the survivors are making plans. Nobile has agreed that a ground party of three should walk south across the ice in search of help. That group will consist of Adalberto Mariano, Filippo Zappi and Finn Malmgren. True, Malmgren is still labouring from the effects of a broken arm inflicted in the crash, but he is insistent that he should go along. The three set out, carrying with them a few supplies and the hopes of all their stranded colleagues.

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